Two Worlds

Two Worlds was founded by famous medium Emma Hardinge Britten in 1887.

Now a 76-page monthly magazine, it is edited by Tony Ortzen. Tony has been involved in the paranormal for forty years. He has known and interviewed some of the world's leading mediums and acted as consultant to various publishing companies.

This month's issue . . .

Two Worlds magazine cover

Two Worlds Are One

Writing his last editorial for "Two Worlds" before we join "Psychic News" next month, Tony Ortzen features, amongst others, American entrepreneur Steve Jobs, a co-founder of Apple, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall and the Queen.

To seek spirituality

A selection of thought-provoking quotes about spirituality from the great and the good throughout the centuries.

Dear Beccy . . .

Our resident adviser investigates three subjects, including the superb voice mediumship of Mona van der Watt, the colours of chakras and the areas of the body they govern.

Portraits of the living ‘dead’

Barbara White homes in on famous psychic artist Coral Polge and tells how her young son made his pictorial spirit return.

Stephen’s wise words

"Your future is born out of your past and is often redirected by your present," writes medium Stephen O’Brien. "However, unforeseen circumstances can suddenly arise to turn your world upside down."

Flowers are spirit gift

It’s time to bid a fond farewell to Mary Russell, who has decided to take life a little easier. This is her final column.

Find your roots . . .

As ever, veteran Spiritualist Mollie Morgan shares some stories to enlighten and help us on our earthly journey.

Seeing with psychic eyes

"The higher you are spiritually, the better you are, the kinder you are, the more charitable you are, the more unselfish you are, the higher is the level on which you live in your world," says Silver Birch.

Write on!

Readers comment on being a Spiritualist, ecclesiastical leaders remaining oblivious to the spirit world and dealing with disasters.

Book reviews

Graham Jennings comments on three books including one containing "a wealth of spiritual knowledge" and another on palmistry.

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