Two Worlds

Two Worlds was founded by famous medium Emma Hardinge Britten in 1887.

Now a 76-page monthly magazine, it is edited by Tony Ortzen. Tony has been involved in the paranormal for forty years. He has known and interviewed some of the world's leading mediums and acted as consultant to various publishing companies.

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This month's issue . . .

Two Worlds magazine cover

Two Worlds Are One

According to a new survey, almost half of pet owners believe that their dog or cat has some kind of supernormal awareness. Tony Ortzen also features Uri Geller’s role in the aftermath of President John Kennedy’s assassination.

To find a portion of peace

Some seasonal thoughts from various sources on peace, goodwill and Christmas.

Dear Beccy . . .

Our resident adviser investigates three subjects, including Charles Dickens’ psychic story and superstitions associated with Christmas.

Medium has brush with Spirit

An interview with Cornwall-based medium and psychic artist Patrick Gamble, who was once a complete sceptic about life after death.

Stephen’s wise words

"What we consider to be our needs may often be simply our desires," writes medium Stephen O’Brien, "and what we desire is not always good for us."

Write on!

Readers get in touch about obsessing spirit entities, the terrible fate of some animals abroad and veteran voice medium Leslie Flint.

The way of service

"Before there can be appreciation of spiritual truths," says Silver Birch, "the soul must be ready to receive them otherwise you are trying to pierce granite."

Husband’s return is food for thought

Barbara White tells how her husband Ernie made a spirit return through electronic voice phenomena and photos.

The saddest word at Christmas

Mary Russell highlights the plight of refugees, saying "we should always extend our love and sympathy to them."

Rose is spirit test

Mollie Morgan tells how a mother kept a pact concerning a rose after her passing.

Book reviews

Graham Jennings is much impressed with a book compiled by a Spiritualist church vice-president which exposes "deliberate lies" in the Bible.

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