Two Worlds

Two Worlds was founded by famous medium Emma Hardinge Britten in 1887.

Now a 76-page monthly magazine, it is edited by Tony Ortzen. Tony has been involved in the paranormal for forty years. He has known and interviewed some of the world's leading mediums and acted as consultant to various publishing companies.

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This month's issue . . .

Two Worlds magazine cover

Two Worlds Are One

Editor Tony Ortzen begins by featuring TV presenter Noel Edmonds, who says: "There isn’t such a thing as death: it's just departure. You cannot die." He also reveals US president Donald Trump's sign under Chinese astrology.

In praise of love

A heart-warming selection of quotes on love to herald St Valentine's Day, including one from a world-famous Spiritualist.

Dear Beccy . . .

Our advice columnist features three subjects, including two lost psychic dogs who travelled thousands of miles home alone, and Allan Kardec, the father of Spiritism.

Get fired up!

John Clayman takes a look at fire and how it has totally transformed life for humanity as well as discovering that ancient peoples worshipped fire gods.

Medium is a high flyer

Clairvoyant Peter Smith tells how a spirit form he used to see as a child was identified after looking through a photograph album.

Guide explains why sittings fail

Superb spirit teachings from Silver Birch, who spoke for decades at the Hannen Swaffer home circle.

Cycles of civilisation

In this thought-provoking feature, Barbara White charts the rise and fall of some of the world's greatest civilisations from a spiritual perspective.

How able are you?

As ever, Mary Russell invites you to pop into her coffee break corner for a cosy chat about several topics.

Don't let life walk on you!

Veteran London Spiritualist Mollie Morgan presents some inspirational stories to enlighten, entertain and amuse.

Book reviews

Graham Jennings features a new book on crystals which makes subjects such as kundalini crystal clear.

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